Artist statement

As a textile artist I use a craft process as a tool to get a better understanding of the world we are living in. My work contains perspectives on popular culture in close relation to corporeality, identity, life and death, out of a fascination for the human body. I collect textile material in my surroundings, quite often used and worn out fabric, yarn or clothing that I work with as a starting point in my artistic process. I tend to dissect things, take them a part and put them together. Sculpting an object has become like a surgical incision; with needle and thread I sew layers together, piece by piece, into an organic shape. The outcome is essentially sculptured objects arranged in different installations that holds performative layers.



2018 Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden, pedagogy A, 30 Credits

2011-2013 Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden, Textile in the expanded field, MFA 120 Credits

2006-2009 HDK Steneby, Dals Långed, Sweden, Textile-Clothing-Design, BFA 180 Credits

2005-2006 Gamleby Folkhögskola, Sweden, post-secondary education, one-year weaving

2003-2004 Stenebyskolan, Dals Långed, Sweden, Clothing-craft/design, post-secondary education, one-year garment sewing and pattern design

2002-2003 Gamleby Folkhögskola, Sweden, post-secondary education, one-year garment sewing and pattern design

1998-2001 De Geer gymnasiet, Norrköping, Sweden, secondary school, Art and Design

Solo exhibition

2021 Kroppskrafter, Gallery 7B, Norrköping

2017 FanArtWitchCraft, Gallery Lars Palm, Sandviken, Sweden

2013 With my endless love and affection I dissect you, Gallery Lars Palm, Sandviken, Sweden

2013 Earth Song II, Student Gallery, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

2012 Earth Song, Student Gallery, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

2011 Textil skulptur, Kaleido Konsthantverk, Uppsala, Sweden

Group exhibition

2022 Vår salong, Vällingby, Stockholm

2021 In the rough, Konsthanverkcentrum, Stockholm

2020 Open house, Icelandic textile center, Blönduos, Iceland

2020 Svälla, Konsthantverk - här & nu, Olai Kyrkogata 32, Norrköping

2020 Mäktiga maskan, Virserums Art gallery, Sweden

2019 Julsalong, Tyresö Art gallery, Sweden 

2019 Open Craft, Örebro, Sweden

2017 Performing Craft, Österängens Art gallery, Jönköping, Sweden

2017 Performing Craft – Gustavsbergs Art gallery, Sweden

2015 Att framföra kropp – Tio aspekter, Steneby Art gallery, Dals Långed, Sweden

2014 So that’s why we came here – DNK, Verkstad Art gallery, Norrköping, Sweden

2013 Spring exhibition, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

2011 Southeast - Art, Design & Crafts, Kalmar Art museum, Sweden

2011 Anomalia, Västervik Art museum, Sweden

2009 Autumn show, Västervik Art museum, Sweden

2009 Graduate show, HDK Steneby, City Library of Gothenburg, Sweden

2009 Graduate show, Steneby Art gallery, Dals Långed, Sweden


Sandra Lundberg

Artist located in Stockholm, Sweden

Born 1982 in Norrköping

Employment (selction)

2022 Artist assistant for Karoline H. Larsen with her interactive artwork, Collective Strings for Stockholm Art council and Wall street at Stockholm City Museum's courtyard

2022 Sew and install curtin in exhibition room, Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum, Stockholm

2019-2022 Teacher in garment sewing and pattern making at Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm, Sweden 

2019-2022 Teacher in textile creation at RSMH-SOS via Vuxenskolan, Stockholm, Sweden

2020-2021 Handledare, deltid, i hantverk, sömnad & återbruk inom arbetsträning, uppdragsenheten på Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm

2018 Art teacher, Sumer camp workshop, Gustavsbergs Art gallery, Sweden

2018 Costume assistant, Fever Ray, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 Costume assistant/seamstress, Shakespeare på Gräsgården, Vadstena, Sweden

2016 Assistant for Artist Helena Mutanen, Jus Soli / Jus Sanguinis, Stockholm, Sweden

2015 Assistant for Artist Helena Mutanen, Conjoined Roots, Stockholm, Sweden

2010-2014 Tailor for theatre costume department, Astrid Lindgrens Värld, Vimmerby, Sweden

2010-2011 Guest teacher, Textile-design-sewing, Gamleby Folkhögskola

2009 Costume assistant for costume designer Maja Gunn, for a dance show From the Margins, This, Unmentioned, in New York at Brooklyn Lyceum.

2008 Assistant in dye and patinating workshop, Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden



2021 Krisstipendium 3, Konstnärsnämnden

2020 Krisstipendium 2, Konstnärsnämnden

2020 Krisstipendium 1, Konstnärsnämnden

2013 Nils Johan Sjöstedts stiftelse, Konstfack

2008, 2011, 2012 Fabrikör J.L. Eklunds Hantverksstiftelse


2020 Icelandic textile center, october, Blönduos, Iceland